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Air Conditioning

front of a car air conditioning pump bolted to an engine with no belts attached

We are specialist for car and van air conditioning re-gas, air conditioning repairs and air con servicing in Sheffield for most vehicle manufacturers.

Did You Know?

  1. Air conditioning service and re-gas is not part of your cars routine service.
  2. If your car is more than two years old it will probably need a recharge.
  3. Air con systems that are partially charged will use more fuel
  4. Manufacturers recommend re-gas & lubricant every 2 years.
  5. Air-Con systems create dry warm air rather than the normal humid air from outside and this de-mists your car windscreen more quickly

Air Con - The Basics

How Air Conditioning Works

illustration showing the five main stages for air conditioning to work which are condense compress expand evaporate dry

Modern car & van air conditioning systems use a compressor to compress a refrigerant gas and a pump to move the gas through the air conditioning pipes. Over time the gas gradually escapes the system resulting in no cold air from the car's interior vents. This is why your car's air conditioning system needs regassing.

Air Conditioning Facts

Over 85% of cars are now fitted with air conditioning and climate control systems as standard. Not everyone realises that their car air conditioning system needs regular servicing and re-gassing to make sure it operates efficiently.

a vehicle black dashboard air conditioning control dials close up

Air Conditioning Repair, Service, Re-Gas

air conditioning regas on a car in our sheffield garage

Air Conditioning Experts

If you rarely use your car air conditioning the rubber joints and seals dry out and wear prematurely. This usually results in even more gas escaping the system.

Free Air Con Check

Free leak trace test with every air con regas.

Our full air conditioning service includes a refrigerant gas recharge, complete replacement of lubricating oil and a full check of all your cars air conditioning parts including: pipes, joints, pump, compressor, switches & vents.

Air Conditioning Help

Air Con Tips

  1. Without regular use (even through winter), moisture accumulates in the air conditioning systems pipes creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. This is actually mould & fungi which will leave your cars interior with a strong mould odour.
  2. Air conditioning repairs can be kept to a minimum along with keeping away mouldy odours by using your car's air conditioning at least once every 2 weeks.
  3. Always get your air conditioning serviced, repaired and re-gassed by an air conditioning specialist like us.

Need Air Conditioning Re-Gas In Sheffield?

If you think you may need your car or van air con re-gassing and you live in Sheffield why not let us check your air conditioning for free. If any issues are discovered we can repair and service your air conditioning. why not let us check your car air con when you next get your car serviced at our garage in Sheffield. We also add leak tracer to your vehicle air conditioning re-gas free of charge.

Telephone: 0114 2363617

Telephone Us: 0114 2363617