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close up of an air conditioning experts blue gloved hands connecting a car to air con regas equipment

Air Conditioning Service Repair & Re-gas

We are specialist for car and van air conditioning re-gas, air conditioning repairs and air con servicing in Sheffield for most vehicle manufacturers.

Top Signs Your Air Con Is Faulty
  1. Air conditioning service and re-gas is not part of your cars routine service.
  2. If your car is more than two years old it will probably need a recharge.
  3. Air con systems that are partially charged will use more fuel
  4. Manufacturers recommend re-gas & lubricant every 2 years.
  5. Air-Con systems create dry warm air rather than the normal humid air from outside and this de-mists your car windscreen more quickly

Use It Or Loose It!

close up corner view of a rover after air conditioning repairs now connected to the air con regas equipment with dial needles part way round the dials confirming the air con system id recharging

Without regular use (even through winter), moisture accumulates in the air conditioning systems pipes creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. This is actually mould & fungi which will leave your cars interior with a strong mould odour. Air conditioning repairs can be kept to a minimum along with keeping away mouldy odours by using your car’s air conditioning at least once every 2 weeks. Always get your air conditioning serviced, repaired and re-gassed by an air conditioning specialist like us.

Did You Know?

close up of various pipes on a mercedes car under bonnet some of which are used for the air conditioning system and showing signs of aging

If you rarely use your car air conditioning the rubber joints and seals dry out and wear prematurely. This usually results in even more gas escaping the system.

Why Does Air Con Need Re-Gassing?

close up of air conditioning regassing equipment being operated by an air con expert sorting light blue gloves

Gas leaks very slowly from all air conditioning systems eventually resulting in no cold air flowing from your vehicle vents.

How Often Does Air Con Need Re-Charging?

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend getting your car air conditioning system re-gassed every 2 years.

Air Con Services

Air Con Re-Gas (Recharge)

The recharging of your vehicle’s refrigerant gas up to full manufacturers recommended pressure.

Leak Trace

Pumping a fluorescent oil based liquid through your air con system under high pressure highlights any leaks that are easily visible under U.V light .

Air Conditioning Full Service

Our full air conditioning service includes a refrigerant gas recharge, complete replacement of lubricating oil and a full check of all your cars air conditioning parts including: pipes, joints, pump, compressor, switches & vents.

Air Con Repairs

We can diagnose any issues your faulty air conditioning system has developed and repair or replace the relevant components.

Most Popular

Our Top 5 Vehicles We Make Cool Once More
  1. Ford Fiesta Mondeo

    Ford is our number 1 best seller for trips to our Sheffield garage for a re-gas.

  2. Audi A3 A4

    Always cool is our 2nd best seller, the Audi A3 and Audi A4.

  3. Volkswagen Golf

    Volkswagen’s Golf is in our air con service bay really often.

  4. Vauxhall Insignia Signum

    The big vauxhall’s are at number 4 keeping their owners cool all year round.

  5. Mercedes C E Class

    Finally Volkswagen’s Golf 1.9 TDI gearbox is our current number 3 selling gearbox.

M & T Air Con

Car Air Con Not Working?

If you think you may need your car or van air con re-gassing and you live in Sheffield why not let us check your air conditioning for free. If any issues are discovered we can repair and service your air conditioning. why not let us check your car air con when you next get your car serviced at our garage in Sheffield. We also add leak tracer to your vehicle air conditioning re-gas free of charge.

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