Interactive Manual Gearbox Animation

arrow circling anti-clockwise indicating the shaft direction of rotation

Input Shaft

arrow circling clockwise indicating the shaft direction of rotation

Output Shaft

Lay Shaft

Main Shaft

Selector For 1st & 2nd Gears

Selector For 3rd & 4th Gears

Drive From Vehicle Engine & Clutch

Dog Clutch

Dog Clutch

Gearbox Animation

Gearbox Example

a dismantled gearbox on a metal bench showing the gearbox casing, shafts, gears and selectors all in situ for reference against our animation

Welcome To Our Fully Functioning Animated Vehicle Gearbox

Our interactive animated gearbox is based on a typical rear wheel drive transmission with a manual gearbox that has 3 shafts to transfer drive from the engine through the gearbox; the input shaft, the layshaft (often referred to as the counter shaft) and then finally the output shaft. The input and output shaft lay parallel along the same axis. This parallel alignment reduces the amount of torsion the gearbox case has to endure.

Gearbox Animation Features
  • Manually change gears at anytime with the arrows or gear shifter
  • All gear ratios and speeds are accurate
  • Fully Labeled
  • Shaft Rotation Comparison
  • Includes: Layshaft (Main Shaft), Input & Output Shafts
  • Includes animated gear selector and gear shift with current gear selected
  • Drive path highlighted in partial opaque blue
  • Drive & no drive indication
  • Arrows indicate shaft rotation direction
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