What Is Car Servicing? What Is Checked & Replaced?

Servicing - The Basics

What Is Car Servicing?

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Car servicing schedules are determined by your car manufacturer’s set maintenance procedures for part and full servicing to keep their vehicles performing as designed. They are generally aimed at 6, 12 or 24 month periods or at a fixed mileage or which ever occurs first.

Why Do I Need My Car Servicing?

Regular car servicing can extend the life of a vehicle as defects are found before they become catastrophic. A small investment in routine car servicing and repair, plus a good inspection program results in a good return on your vehicle investment in terms of value, reliability and safety.

Check & Replace


Replacement of fuel filter, air filter, pollen filters and any other manufacturer scheduled filters.

Oil & Filter Change

Your engines oil is forced around your engine under high pressure by the oil pump. Its job is to lubricate your engines moving parts. It is forced through your oil filter which filters out impurities that build up from normal use. Over time your oil filter fills up with impurities that would otherwise be floating around your engine and becomes less efficient. This leaves the impurities in your oil which is still being forced around your engine. Regular oil and filter changes prevent premature engine wear whilst helping maintain performance and economy.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are responsible for igniting your fuel and air mixture. As a result of normal use the spark burns the electrode resulting in inefficiency.

Liquid Level Checks

Liquid levels such as your cooling system, wash wipe, power steering fluid, brake fluid and clutch fluid are checked and topped up in accordance with your manufacturers recommendations.

Checking Electrical

Wiring Checks

Checking of main vehicle wiring for signs of wear, corrosion and potential safety issues, battery, alternator, starter motor.

Light Checks

All vehicle external & cabin lights lights including head lights, main beam, fog lights, indicators, brake lights, number plate lights, instrumentation, gauges, warning lights & internal courtesy lights.

Computer Fault Code Checks

Connect to our computer diagnostics system to analyse fault codes and to reset service lights.

Other Checks

Mechanical Checks

Inspection of steering, suspension, shock absorbers & ball joints, brake & fuel pipes, linings, disks, drums, pedal box and exhaust & mountings as well as any belts including cam belt and your doors & mirrors.

Vehicle Road Test

To determine any issues not obvious from inspection.

Wheel Checks

Visual inspection of bearings, tyre and wheel condition and wheel alignment. Finally check and correct all tyre pressures.

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